About us

Airstar provides the ideal multifunctional lighting, decor and branding solutions for your indoor and outdoor, public and private events, exhibitions, dinners, weddings, and festivals.

This innovative technology uses inflatable balloons and other original shapes to instill a beautifully serene vibe that will make your events undoubtedly unforgettable.

The wow effect at every event. Guaranteed.
30 years ago, the lighting balloon concept was born in France. Airstar is now the world leader in designing, producing inflatable technologies and providing solutions for lighting, branding, and decoration.
Beyond this “bright” idea, we at Airstar take pride in charming our audience because we work in partnership with our clients to bring out the best of every event.
Light, also used in therapy, affects tremendously how we feel. Have you ever been to an event and felt good without knowing why? You see, this feeling of internal peace helps you be at your full sensory and emotional receptiveness. Hence, it is the dream of any brand custodian wanting to inject the experiential methods into their communication to convert leads.
Airstar operates for diverse fields that require lighting, like construction, photography, cinema, safety, architecture, and aerospace.
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