Transform the gate of your event to a glorious experience with the Airstar Arch. Its versatility in branding, decoration and color lighting does add that special touch to your event from the moment your visitors set foot on the site.
It is ideal for receptions, corporate events, fashion shows, festivals, exhibitions, concerts, indoor and outdoor events, weddings, promotional activities, night ski and beach parties.

Why the Arch


Branding and signals thanks to printed covers and vinyl graphics

Strength of the structure and materials

Wind resistance up to 30 km/h

DMX Control

Ability to change the color thanks to LED lamps and control box

Quick set up

Set up in 15 minutes, air-inflated (built-in fan), stands on the floor, indoor and outdoor use

Technical Data

Diameterof the base 80 cm
Dimensions of the envelope 300 x 500 cm
set up time 10 min
Type of lamps LEDs / backlight with projector
Supply voltage 120 V / 60 Hz
Wind resistance 30 km/h