The Crystal is very polyvalent in its uses (lighting, communication, signaling, and decorating). It has a strong lighting range, is easy to set up and is the perfect tool for branding and signaling.
It is ideal for receptions, corporate events, fashion shows, festivals, exhibitions, concerts, indoor and outdoor events, weddings, night ski, and beach parties.

Why the Crystal


Branding and signals thanks to the vinyl graphics, printed covers and colored slip covers.

Strength of the structure and materials

Wind resistance up to 80 km/h and rain-proof.

WOW effect

This lighting balloon sets the tone and exudes “magic in the air” for any kind of event.


Adapted to any kind of events (lighting, communicating, signaling, decorating, etc.), indoor and outdoor.

Quick set up

Very quick setup time.

Airstar's know-how

The Crystal is Airstar’s bestseller. Many options are available making it the perfect balloon for all your needs.

Technical Data

  Crystal 130 Crystal 160
Diameter 130 cm 160 cm
Supply voltage 230 V 230 V
Type of lamps HA (R75) | FC (E27) HA (R75) | FC (E27)
Number & power of the lamps 6 x 230 W | 8 x 30 W 6 x 400 W | 16 x 30 W
Lighted area 1200 m2 | 350 m2 2100 m2 | 700 m2
Number of plugs 2 x PC16 (1 permanent fan circuit + 1 pilotable light circuit) 2 x PC16 (1 permanent fan circuit + 1 pilotable light circuit)
Wind resistance standard version 45 km/h 40 km/h