Imagine a full moon that is so close, it feels like it has come down from the sky exclusively for your event.
The Lunix is very versatile in its applications (lighting, communication and decoration) and It can be customized with vinyl graphics.
It is ideal for receptions, corporate events, fashion shows, festivals, exhibitions, concerts, indoor and outdoor events, weddings, promotional activities, night ski and beach parties.

Why the Lunix


Branding and signaling thanks to printed covers, slip covers (coloured, hot air balloon, etc.), and vinyl graphics


Strong special effect, soft light, 360° light diffusion

Strength of the structure and materials

Wind resistance up to 40 km/h and Airstar know-how

Dimmable/DMX Control

Ability to choose the brightness with a control box (usually provided by the electrical team)

Quick set up

About 45 min

Technical Data

  Lunix 200 Lunix 250
Diameter 200 cm 250 cm
Helium volume 4.2 m3 8.2 m3
Average set up time 15 min 20 min
Type of lamps Halogen or RGB LED Halogen or RGB LED
Supply voltage 230 V / 120 V 230 V / 120 V
Capacity 12 A 12 A
Number & power of lamps (W) 4 x 1000 W / 4 x 650 W
halogen or 6 x 9 W LEDs
4 x 1000 W / 4 x 650 W
halogen or 18 x 9 W LEDs
Lumen up to 48,000 lm up to 48,000 lm
Number of plugs 3 3
Wind resistance 30 km/h 40 km/h (with appropriated rigging)